Pic of the day: A confused snowman & silently awaiting bunnies


Sometimes, people stare at you for some reason & you dont know why.

Sometimes, certain (not all) people are extra close to you & you thought they just like you as a person, but in fact, they hv a personal agenda where they just want a piece of you… like your knowledge, your help, your backing, etc. And when you let your guard down, they’ll take a bite off your nose when you least expect it.

I love this Confused Snowman & Silently Awaiting Bunnies becuz it translates a specific message on real life. LOL


Cubone (Dec 2012)


He came for a 6-day boarding and was suffering from gut stasis.  He wasn’t eating well, seemed really lethargic and had a lot of gurgling sounds in his tummy.

His owner could not take any leave from work to look after him, so she decided to board him with me.

2nd day, his poop didn’t look so good.


Lots of jelly mucus in his soft poop.  So I decided to rush him to the vet (after seeking consent from the owner).  Vet mentioned that he was in critical condition & gut stasis could kill a rabbit within 24 hours because it would shut down its gut and the rabbit would slowly starve to death.

It was an extremely worrying time for me.  And I know his owner is worried sick about him.  She even came over to visit him & stayed till midnight.  That really touched me.  She was a young girl who was working during holidays and she was so willing to take care of him.  Her bf also came over to visit him & prayed for him to get better.  Sigh…. it was so awesome.  Some people in this world would have already abandoned their pet or refused to bring it to a vet.

Over the next couple of days, I watched him like a hawk… literally 24/7.  I even set my alarm clock to wake up at 3am everyday just to make sure he is alright… check his food bowl to see if he is eating, if not, then I have to prepare some Critical Care to syringe it to him so that it could keep his gut working.  I massaged his tummy few times a day to get rid of the gas inside.  The gas was so much that it looked as if his tummy was a big balloon.  It must be hurting him really bad.  =(

Feeding medication was rather difficult at first.  He struggled…. and then he refused to swallow his meds.  I’m guessing he just wasn’t used to this treatment as this was probably the first time he had fallen ill.  But he learns really fast.  By the 3rd day, he accepted the meds and even liked the taste of some of the flavoured ones.

By the 5th day, Cubone was a little more active but his butt was a poopy mess, badly matted and stained from all the soft mushy poo.  It was also from the result of his triangular bedpan being too small for him, so his butt sticks out and the pee ended up on the floor which he lies all over it.


A huge clump of wet poopy mess shaped like a ping pong ball on his butt.


I spent 3.5 hours giving him a full grooming session.  It was a dry clean & went about it realllllll slowwwwww because I didn’t want to hurt him and get him all paranoid about grooming in future.  All I used was a spray bottle filled with water, some organic cornstarch powder (without talc), fine-toothed grooming brush & a bristle brush.

Thankfully, he was extremely co-operative!  hahaha… no bites, no scratches, no struggles…. must be feeling damn good about getting clean again.  SEE HOW WHITE HE IS NOW????  =D  Of course the yellow stains can’t ALL be gotten rid of in just one grooming session.  But if you comb the yellow bits everyday for about a week, he should become perfectly white again.  =)

I know some groomers & some websites would recommend a wet bath for a soiled butt, but I didn’t give him that because I didn’t want to cause more stress on his fragile state.  Some rabbits always behave like they are about to drown when you give them a wet bath & if you don’t take the time to go super slow or if you don’t have the patience to calm them down every second of the way, then never NEVER never never NEVER give your rabbit a water bath.

I always believe that we should take our time to let our pets to feel very comfortable and secure in any situation, so that they can remember the pleasant experience and will enjoy it in future.  I prefer to groom my own 4 rabbits because I feel safer knowing that I KNOW how to be gentle with them.  But there were a few times when I was too busy at work (I had a day job in the corporate world) & I sent them to pet saloons to help me get them cleaned up.  However, each and every time, my bunnies would suddenly get all agitated and nervous whenever I pick them up & it took me some time to get them used to being handled by humans again.

So I always encourage pet owners to groom their own pets.  It’s a way to show them affection and build a bond between you two.  I know it is very back breaking & I always need a neck massage after I groom a bunny LOL but it is all worth it.

Earlier on, I mentioned that his triangular bedpan was too small for him.  And that whenever he pees, his butt would stick out of the bedpan and the pee would end up on the floor.

So I suggested to his owner to get a larger one for him (the red rectangular bedpan as shown in the photo below).


I went to Toyogo to buy the bedpan at only SGD$4.  Super cheap, right???

Then get the white egg crate & cut to size.  Then put a grey rubber non-slip mat on top to cushion the bunny’s feet.

In total, it costs only about $10.  Much much cheaper than going to a petshop to buy a rabbit bedpan (which is too small & will cost more than $10 definitely).

And it is so much more comfy for the bunny to pee, poop & eat in.

Closer look at the bedpan set up while he was boarding at my house.

Cubone likes it so much that when I started to set it up, he already hopped in to investigate.


Stood there for quite some time, then groomed himself.


And he even rested in it.  This is just proof that he REALLY loves his new bedpan.  LOL


Here are more photos of the sweetheart who didn’t even pee once on my floor after he got his new bedpan LOL he was such a clean bunny… very respectful of my house.  Can’t say the same about my own bunnies…. hahaha… they were having a pee war in their own bunny room.



And during collection day, his owners bought me a lovely present.  An orange bunny whom I have named….. CUBONE!  LOL  I really love it.  I was sooooooooo touched because I felt like I really bonded with this little bunny & his owners are so lovely.



Over the New Year holiday (Year 2013, can you believe another year has passed???), I’m going to see Cubone again because his owner will be going on an overseas holiday trip so she’ll be boarding him here.  I am excited!!  More photos till then.  =D

Clover & Snoopy (Dec 2012)


Owner went to an overseas trip & boarded her 2 female bunnies at my house.

I’m telling you… these must be the 2 most expressive buns I have ever met in my life.  LOL  They were honking and grunting and squeaking non-stop.

Then there was also the relentless humping and fur pulling because these 2 sisters have not been sterilized.  I was quite worried that a fight would break out anytime soon.  I had advised the owner to get them sterilized for health reasons, territorial & behavourial issues as well.  As you can see, the minute they arrived and were put in a playpen, they started to mark the area with their poop & pee…. hahaha!


“Hehe, look at what naughty girls we are!”

But these 2 girls are seriously adorable.  They had the longest thickest eyelashes.  And although they humped each other ferociously, they were also protective of each other.  Whenever I reach in to top up their food or water, they would protect each other from The Stranger Hand by making squeaking noises (like guinea pigs) LOL!

By the 2nd day, they took a liking with my hubby and were asking to be petted by him… haha!

On the last day, before collection, I gave them grooming.  They were relatively clean but the owner had requested for it.

So I gave them a refreshing wet bath, powdered them with organic cornstarch, trimmed their fur around the privates, cleaned up their sweat glands, cut their nails & brushed their fur.

These 2 girls were quite fiesty & left me a few souveniors to remember them by (scratches on my forearms) LOL



Goodbye girlies!  Stay healthy & happy =)

Isnt it the cutest bunny!


I forbid you to eat this tomato!!!!!!!

I just wanna stroke its tomato ears… and kiss its tomato cheeks! And steoke its tomato red back! Awwww~~~~


I shall name it………..


………. …. ….. ….. ….. no name shall ever be worthy of it. Maybe I’ll just call it The Tomato Rabbit (it deserves its own Title Case).

The Rings

On 28 Sept 2012, my status officially changed to Married.  It’s a weird feeling, I’m telling you.  I’ve been single for a good 32 years of my life & suddenly it all changed.

It all began about 2 years ago when The Bf proposed with this ring.  It was a proposal with mixed emotions varying from mildy frustrated to seriously pissed off to sudden disappointment to downright hilarious.

About 2-3 months before our wedding date, we went out to hunt for wedding bands.  There were so many designs to choose from!  More popular choices will be platinium or rose gold bands.  However, after trying a few designs, we decided to opt out of the norm & go with the classic gold wedding bands from Poh Heng.

I like its simplicity =)  So shiny~~~~

The BF even got me an extra ring!  I love it! ❤

What a lovely guy.  And the funniest thing about him is that he sometimes gets so irritated at my antics that he bursts out laughing instead of yelling at me.  Peace, my bf.  Peace  (^_^)v

Even to this day, I still have the habit of calling him “My Bf”.  Feels weird to refer to him as The Husband, sounds so….. formal.

Do you use products that test on animals?

I am super against animal testing.  Not a fan of torture.  Most skincare companies literally pour chemicals into these poor animals’ eyes & skin to test its danger to humans.  I can imagine that it will feel like having acid thrown in our faces.  It’s an act of extreme cruelty & the ultimate question is, “do you even want to use a product that contains ingredients that can burn an animal’s eyes & skin?”  Imagine how harmful it can be for yourself.  Even at low doses, but over a LONG period of exposure.

Am I not convincing enough?

Why.  Why must we put helpless animals in such a state?  Just so that we can be beautiful?  Just so it can make us feel confident?

Of course I am no saint.  Yes, I have used products that have tested on animals (but that’s becuz I was unaware of the state that they put these animals through).  And yes, it is extremely difficult to change our perspective on this matter.  But I try and I am still trying.  Everyday, I try to cut down on the number of products that I use which are not cruelty-free.  And as I do more & more research on the internet, I also found out that it was better for myself as well becuz I will be ALSO reducing the number of chemicals that I introduce into my bloodstream.

I attended a workshop on how to DIY our own skincare & household cleansers.  This is what I found out.

When a study was done on adults by taking a blood sample, it showed that there are about 5000 types of chemicals coursing thru our veins.


That’s a scary amount of chemicals to live with.  And most of these can lead to cancer… or are neuro-toxins… or may cause depression, anxiety… skin irritation, allergies, asthmas, etc etc.

But guess what?

The fun part of it all is that when the same study was conducted on newborn babies, it showed that there are already about 300 types of chemicals present in our precious little ones.


No wonder the world is full of pain & suffering & sickness.

If you are thinking…. “BULLSHIT”.

Then I hope you reconsider the fact that diseases are usually inherited from a family member, like heart attacks… cancer markers… and HIVs.  So why not chemicals?

I know I will not want this for my children.  If we do fall ill, then let it be from other causes, but NOT from chemicals (which we could have avoided).

On a more personal experience, I started to develop skin irritations & sensitivity about 8 years ago.  I suddenly had eczema & cold sores around my chin & lips.  It was frustrating.  I saw many doctors over the years & they all prescribed some sort of cream and oral medications.  Sure, it worked.  FOR A WHILE.  And then it was eczema & cold sores all over again.  This went on for many more years.

Until one day, a kind doctor finally told me to AVOID fragrances, parabens, petrochemicals.

And being ignorant at that time, I wondered… “is there such a product that is free from all these????”

Meme-Not Sure If (original)

I went thru the internet & discovered many things.  Which is how it led me to trying out different organic/natural skincare brands like Renew… Bod… The Organic Pharmacy… 100% Pure… Kelly Edwards… Grown….

But I can tell you one thing…

DIY is the best.


hahhaa… I’m sorry… after that Cecilia Sue & Ng Boon Gay saga, I can never say DIY with a straight mind anymore.

So… ANYWAY, being extremely serious here, I do make my own simple facial cleanser… facial masks… deodorant… etc etc.  And I have doing this for the past few years.

Currently, I am also exploring into homemade household cleaners.

I am just starting out this blog so there isn’t a lot of posts yet.  But if you are interested, keep an eye out on the menu under DIY Skincare or DIY Household.  We can share ideas & such.  =)

I know DIY skincare or organic/natural skinare is not as popular in Singapore yet, compared to the UK or America or Australia.  But the community is certainly growing here & I can’t wait to see a change in the near future!

Till next time, be kind of animals & yourself!