Twinkle & Olla have a love-hate relationship

I was sitting in my bunny room, leaning against the wall.

Twinkle hopped over and laid in the small gap between the wall and my back.


About 5mins after, Olla hopped over to busybody. And she decided to squeeze in as well.


LOL! I feel so loved. And it is Valentines Day today!

The view on the other side.



Doesnt this deserve an AWWWW moment????

But it was almost immediately when senior Twinkle decided to get jealous, so he chased her away by biting her butt. And they both ran to the other corner of the room for 《Round 2 FIGHT》.

Olla, always forgiving & eager to please, she flattened her body to the floor as a sign of surrender… while Twinkle stood tall over her. Then he laid his head down, asking to be groomed. And Olla willingly licked his head.

And this was how peace was restored back into the Bunny Kingdom.


And they lived happily ever after.

For now.

The end.



Oh I Love My Bunny Rabbits!!!

A true fictional story strip of my TURF! (haha mind is blown)




Twinkle: Who’s there??? I smell another bunny in the house.

Me: Don’t be a kaypoh, Twinkle. It’s just another boarding bunny. Haven’t you gotten used to it by now? Go and sleep.




Twinkle: Is that stranger bunny going to invade my territory?!?!?!

Ulla Olla: Twinkle! Fall back into formation!  As long as we stick together, no bunny shall pass into our TURF!

Twinkle: You are right, Olla! Fall in!





The Sleeping Formation of TURF. No bunny shall ever sleep alone.



Oh Twinkle, you little attention-craver you…

Every night, I will tidy up my Bunny Room & sit in their playpen to give them a massage or quick grooming.

And last night, while I was topping up their hay, Twinkle came over to place his head on top of my foot.


Well, actually he kind of gave it a little sniff to make sure it is my foot, then he placed his head in top of it. LOL I think my feet smells lovely.

So i gave him a head rub for a while.


Then I continue to top up their hay.

But Twinkle decided tat the head rub wasnt enough, so he hopped arnd me & then placed his head on my leg for more love.


Oh Twinkle…. you little attention craver you…. i love you so much. =)

I gave him more love then went back to top up hay.

And then….

Twinkle chose a spot on my right to snooze a little…

And soon after, Olla came over to sniff my butt (my butt smells lovely too).

Then she laid down on my left.

It looked like this…


I am definitely feeling the love tonight. LOL gave me warm fuzzy feelings… ♡

Happy Birthday, Twinkle!


It is my birthday again.

I have been cranky the past few days becuz I thot nobody would remember my birthday. I scratched her marble floor relentlessly… nipped at all my friends… laid down alone in my tunnel… I didnt even run to her anymore when she called my name.

But then today, she groomed me for more than an hour in the afternoon. I felt so clean & comfy now! The weather has been a b♡♡♡h lately, so maybe that contributed to my cranky mood.

Then as per usual, she gave me a delicious Oxbow papaya tablet after the grooming session. I LOVE PAPAYA TABLETS! Whenever I hear the sweet sound of tablets rattling in the bottle, I get so excited & start running arnd crazily in my 8pc playpen. And then the rest get excited too, so I always charge & nip at their fur… I hate it when they try & steal the limelight from my human.

Right after grooming, the weather suddenly turned cooler & then it rained. Ahhh~~~~ bliss. Even the weather is on my side.

But wait! When she returned me back to my playpen, she gave me ANOTHER papaya tablet!!!!! Ohh boy oh boy… this is truely a happy birthday to me!

Now my mood is all better. =D To think I thot that she has loved me less after the other 3 joined our family. First, it was Flappy abt 2 years ago (but I dont really mind him becuz I like him most). Then Olla & Rocky joined in Feb this year, both whom I only like when they groom my royal head or when they r not moving around so often… I dont get why they are so fidgety all the time when it’s bedtime.

Another birthday… another year older… she always wishes for a healthy happy life for me. Well… sometimes I tell her in rabbit language that i love her and i want her to be happy too.

It is 9:30pm now… almost time for my alfafa & oat wheat barley hay mix!