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And then an old lady saved the day

I was bidding my goodbyes when I witnessed a fire broke out at a baby shower.

2 grown men tried to put out the fire on the tablecloth that was set alight by the catering burner.

1 blew at it non-stop which fed oxgen to the fire & made it spread. 1 used another part of the tablecloth to try and smoother the fire & set fire to that part of the tablecloth. And then the first guy used a plastic plate to ‘slap’ the fire & set THAT plastic plate on fire.

And I was standing at the back… watching the people arnd me frantic around and ppl gasping… thinking “omg the fire grew… omg the tablecloth is on fire… omg now the plastic plate is on fire… omg the fire the spreading… omg it’s never going to be put out…”

And then an old lady walked over slowly & poured a cup of water on the fire…. and the fire went out.

The hero was a 60yr old woman.


Thanks for the last minute drama.

That made my day.


Pic of the day: A confused snowman & silently awaiting bunnies


Sometimes, people stare at you for some reason & you dont know why.

Sometimes, certain (not all) people are extra close to you & you thought they just like you as a person, but in fact, they hv a personal agenda where they just want a piece of you… like your knowledge, your help, your backing, etc. And when you let your guard down, they’ll take a bite off your nose when you least expect it.

I love this Confused Snowman & Silently Awaiting Bunnies becuz it translates a specific message on real life. LOL

Isnt it the cutest bunny!


I forbid you to eat this tomato!!!!!!!

I just wanna stroke its tomato ears… and kiss its tomato cheeks! And steoke its tomato red back! Awwww~~~~


I shall name it………..


………. …. ….. ….. ….. no name shall ever be worthy of it. Maybe I’ll just call it The Tomato Rabbit (it deserves its own Title Case).

Do you use products that test on animals?

I am super against animal testing.  Not a fan of torture.  Most skincare companies literally pour chemicals into these poor animals’ eyes & skin to test its danger to humans.  I can imagine that it will feel like having acid thrown in our faces.  It’s an act of extreme cruelty & the ultimate question is, “do you even want to use a product that contains ingredients that can burn an animal’s eyes & skin?”  Imagine how harmful it can be for yourself.  Even at low doses, but over a LONG period of exposure.

Am I not convincing enough?

Why.  Why must we put helpless animals in such a state?  Just so that we can be beautiful?  Just so it can make us feel confident?

Of course I am no saint.  Yes, I have used products that have tested on animals (but that’s becuz I was unaware of the state that they put these animals through).  And yes, it is extremely difficult to change our perspective on this matter.  But I try and I am still trying.  Everyday, I try to cut down on the number of products that I use which are not cruelty-free.  And as I do more & more research on the internet, I also found out that it was better for myself as well becuz I will be ALSO reducing the number of chemicals that I introduce into my bloodstream.

I attended a workshop on how to DIY our own skincare & household cleansers.  This is what I found out.

When a study was done on adults by taking a blood sample, it showed that there are about 5000 types of chemicals coursing thru our veins.


That’s a scary amount of chemicals to live with.  And most of these can lead to cancer… or are neuro-toxins… or may cause depression, anxiety… skin irritation, allergies, asthmas, etc etc.

But guess what?

The fun part of it all is that when the same study was conducted on newborn babies, it showed that there are already about 300 types of chemicals present in our precious little ones.


No wonder the world is full of pain & suffering & sickness.

If you are thinking…. “BULLSHIT”.

Then I hope you reconsider the fact that diseases are usually inherited from a family member, like heart attacks… cancer markers… and HIVs.  So why not chemicals?

I know I will not want this for my children.  If we do fall ill, then let it be from other causes, but NOT from chemicals (which we could have avoided).

On a more personal experience, I started to develop skin irritations & sensitivity about 8 years ago.  I suddenly had eczema & cold sores around my chin & lips.  It was frustrating.  I saw many doctors over the years & they all prescribed some sort of cream and oral medications.  Sure, it worked.  FOR A WHILE.  And then it was eczema & cold sores all over again.  This went on for many more years.

Until one day, a kind doctor finally told me to AVOID fragrances, parabens, petrochemicals.

And being ignorant at that time, I wondered… “is there such a product that is free from all these????”

Meme-Not Sure If (original)

I went thru the internet & discovered many things.  Which is how it led me to trying out different organic/natural skincare brands like Renew… Bod… The Organic Pharmacy… 100% Pure… Kelly Edwards… Grown….

But I can tell you one thing…

DIY is the best.


hahhaa… I’m sorry… after that Cecilia Sue & Ng Boon Gay saga, I can never say DIY with a straight mind anymore.

So… ANYWAY, being extremely serious here, I do make my own simple facial cleanser… facial masks… deodorant… etc etc.  And I have doing this for the past few years.

Currently, I am also exploring into homemade household cleaners.

I am just starting out this blog so there isn’t a lot of posts yet.  But if you are interested, keep an eye out on the menu under DIY Skincare or DIY Household.  We can share ideas & such.  =)

I know DIY skincare or organic/natural skinare is not as popular in Singapore yet, compared to the UK or America or Australia.  But the community is certainly growing here & I can’t wait to see a change in the near future!

Till next time, be kind of animals & yourself!

Heartwarming tale of a little lovebird & her human

A few days ago, a little lovebird decided to escape from her cage & fly out the window.

Her human was worried sick & sent out posters in search of her lovebird.


A bird in the big open sky. She could be anywhere. =(

2 yrs ago, the human saw a little yellow lovebird getting attacked by a pack of crows arnd East Coast Park & immediately went to save it from their cruel beaks. Since then, the lovebird has stayed w the human. It was well fed & very much loved.

But a few days ago, it has flew out into the open sky. The human was so worried abt its survival. After being kept indoors for 2 yrs, will it be able to find its own food? Will it again be bullied by evil crows?

Today, a woman called. She claimed that she saw the lovebird, but it flew high and away already. The human still decided to rush down immediately to the place where it was spotted… called out its name repeatedly & nvr once gave up hope.

A bird out in the world. Do u realize how slim the chances are of ever finding it again??? We are not talking about a dog… or a cat, but…



A true miracle has happened!

The little lovebird has returned to its human… perched on the warm & caring shoulders of its human… it is definitely glad to be home sweet home.

Animals all hv feelings & memories. They kw what is love and who loves them. They do recognize u, just like how we recognize our loved ones & friends.

Never abandon ur pets. And even if u do not have pets, please dont abuse these innocent lives.

I am so happy my friend found her pet bird today. This makes me wanna go hug all my rabbits & tell them that I love them. Forever and ever! ♡