DIY: Basic Powder Deodorant


There are a lot of DIY receipes online & they all claim to work. Well of course, they’ll say that, but we always wonder……. does it reallyyyyyy work?


Now sit back, relax & read on… becuz I have already put it to a REAL test.

For this, I hv prepared the following items:

1) 2 tbsp of pure baking soda
2) 1 tsp of 100% pure tea tree oil
3) a glass container

First, scoop the baking soda into the glass container.  Then add the tea tree oil.  Mix them together.  It will remain in powder form.

Whenever I need the help of deodorant to save my smelly armpits from embarassment, I just scoop out 1/3 teaspoon (depending how huge your armpits are, mine are tiny) of the powdered mixture. Mix it with water to form a slightly watery paste (if I were to be really precise, it would be just 4 drops of water). Then use a cotton pad to apply it to both my armpits. Air them a bit in front of a standing fan & I’m ready to go.

This takes less than 30secs.

I have been using this powdered mixture for a few months now. So I can tell you…



Even when I go to the gym with this deodorant, no smelly odor at the end of my gym session. In fact, not even a tiny bit stinky.

But of course, this doesn’t stop your armpits from sweating.  It just stops it from stinking.

The baking soda & tea tree oil will work hand in hand as an antibacterial deodorant that absorbs (some) sweat. But both may also cause irritation to people with sensitive skins, so do a patch test first.

This is definitely a cheaper alternative to natural deodorants like Nature’s Gate or Dr Organic. And a much safer deodorant compared to commerical deodorants that use too many chemicals in their ingredient lists.

Scare factor: As found across the internet, parabens are chemicals that affects estrogen.  And it is found to be involved in the development of breast cancer.

When I was still in my early 20s, I had undergone 2 separate surgeries to remove breast lumps. Did a lot of research online & read that it might be due to parabens. That really made me go out & search for natural products.

So people out there, it is never too late to make the switch to natural/organic skincare.

Some time in the near future, I might test out more receipes for DIY deodorants. Saw a cream version & stick version.

Till then.