In a nutshell, this blog is all about:

1) Stories on Small Animal Boarding at my own home (please do note that I usually only take boarding thru referrals & I like to record the memories here in my blog, but if you happen to stumble upon this blog & are looking for a boarder, please drop me a comment at the blog)

2) Animals

3) Health

4) Skin

5) Any other stuff that I want to talk about which interests me at that time


It all started with my love for cute intelligent rabbits with unique characters.  And because I find rabbits so adorable & innocent, my love extended to other animals as well.

Which then led to me to support all cruelty-free products… which then translates to my interest in organic/natural skincare… and then to DIY my own skincare & household cleansers using safe & awesome ingredients (which then I realized that it also does wonders for my overly sensitive skin that has been plagued with eczema & cold sores in the past).


I have been looking after pets since 2006 – my own rabbits, my friends’ pets, then my friends’ friend’s pets… and soon, it extended to colleagues’ pets, their friends’ pets… and then thru referrals.  My love for caring for these innocent little creatures just grew & before I know it, I naturally went into adhoc small animal boarding.  Each pet has their own unique characteristics & I love each and every one of them… yes, I even love the ones that are aggressive & constantly gnaw at my hands LOL it is actually quite interesting to witness an aggressive rabbit growl at people.  And then there are also hormonal rabbits who keep wanting to hump my hand.  I love them all the same… even if it’s just caring for them for 1 day.  It’s always so sad to see them return back to their owners…. … I get so attached to them.


I also realized that there are responsible owners who are also looking for full-time caregivers for their special needs bunnies or bunnies who need full-time temporary medical care.  And for this, they need someone who doesn’t hold a job in the corporate world, so that this caregiver can look after the bunny throughout the day.  Some owners have a budget and they cannot afford expensive boarding at the vet.  Therefore, since I have quit my corporate job, I have decided to extend my help to these owners after assessing the level of care that their bunnies require.

To be upfront & honest, with full disclosure, I am not a trained professional in medical care for animals.  However, I have looked after rabbits with disabilities & those who require medical attention.  And I will look after them just like how I look after my own rabbits when they are sick.  I will offer the same level of care just like how you would if you have to look after your own sick rabbit.  The only thing that I am unable to do is have the ability to perform any operation on the rabbits immediately should their condition get worse, but I will bring them to the vet immediately as an emergency case.

And in all honest reality, sometimes, even with the greatest possible care, an ill bunny may still get sicker.  That is really a extremely heartbreaking situation, but I can assure you that I will have already given my best & I hope for your understanding as well.  For certain critical cases, I even set my alarm clock to wake up in the middle of the night, just to check on the rabbit.


My commitment to owners & boarding bunnies:

– providing a clean living environment

– cleaning the living area with non-chemical cleaners

– making sure that fresh food, boiled water & veggies are fed

– ensuring a stable & quiet environment, while respecting the owner’s requirements (eg: some owners prefer their bunnies to be petted often, some owner feel that their bunnies prefer to be left alone, etc etc)

– feeding of medications on time & I always make it a habit to double/triple check the correct dosage

– checking on the bunnies regularly & observe any signs of stress or illness

– providing regular updates via sms/whatsapp/Line, owner can also feel free to check up on their pets anytime


Ok, now please allow me to talk about my own bunnies. LOL


I have 4 rabbits who live in a bedroom. They eat… sleep… poop… pee… hop… dash around the house crazily… and when they are really happy (about god knows what), they binky.

Before they were bonded, they were so aggressive & domineering towards one another.  But now that they are bonded, they are so sweeeeeet!

Twinkle, my first rabbit, my special boy who responds to his name & always asking for affection.  He will always hold a special place in my heart.

On 29 Apr 2011, Flappy was given up by his owner & left at the petshop where he was first bought by a mother. He was a gift for her young daughter. She named him Fluffy, but when he turned 1yr old, they decided that he was troublesome. Poor lonely Fluffy… discarded like an unwanted toy. He looked so sad & heartbroken at the petshop. The shop assistant said that he was up for adoption, otherwise he would be put to sleep at the SPCA if nobody will take him home. Poor little Fluffy… looked at us with sad eyes… wondering where his family was. We decided to take him home & renamed him Flappy. A new name for a new life. Flappy was scared the first few days. He always ran to a dark corner of the bedroom & stood there with his head hung low. He was so confused. But today, he has grown into a loving adorable boy who freely gives loving licks to the other rabbits. He is the most popular rabbit among his friends. Until today, I wonder how can anyone give him up.  Please do not abandon your pets!  They do have feelings & memories!

Then came Olla (or also known as Ulla) & Rocky who joined on 26 Feb 2012 when they were 6wks & 5.5wks respectively. It wasnt love at first sight, but their sweet nature is so captivating & sparks flew. We never regretted ever since!  Olla is the active curious girl who knows how to flirt with the boys LOL.  Rocky is the sweet little timid boy who took a longer time to bond with the others, but now he is enjoying their company.

So this is how Binky TURF got its name. TURF (Twinkle Ulla Rocky Flappy)! Genius! LOL