Buck Chang (Feb2013)


Boarding Period: 4.5 days

Boarding Requirements: Cage, with extended playarea for daily exercise.

Rabbit:  Buck Chang (Female, 8mths old, white/grey)

Sterilized: No (but I have advised owner to consider sterilization)

Health Conditions: Front splayed legs. Mild sore hocks.

Special Note: My personal goal is to improve living conditions for her splayed legs & advice owner on the appropriate care.

1st day of Boarding.

She arrived in the night looking insecure & unsettled by the car ride. But after abt 30mins, she started to settle in, ate some pellets & munched a little hay. I kept her in the cage for the night to let her feel safe in the new environment.

The next morning, she was ready to come out & explore!


Her front paws are a little splayed so it looked like she was swimming while hopping around.

And when she stood still, they always slide apart slowly.


She was a curious little bunny & was quite active.


“I see 4 bunnies in the other room. Should I go investigate???? Heehehe”

She decided to explore the rest of the house instead. Haha


I decided to clean out the PVC mat for her to see if it helps with her posture.

But at first, she didnt want anything to do with it & decided to chill out in the cage instead for the rest of the day.

I left the cage door open throughout the day.

P.S – placed a towel on top of the cage. Just in case, she jumps on top of it. I dont want her legs to get caught in between the cage grills as it might cause injuries. Prevention better than cure.


Some time in the evening, she felt more comfortable that the blue mat is not going to hurt her. Haha

She came out to survey her new blue mat.


Decided that the blue mat is worth marking as her new territory, she peed and pooped on it. =p


However, the blue mat wasnt much help w her slightly splayed front legs.

When she laid down to relax, the front legs always slide outwards (which she kept adjusting them back to a proper position). Poor girl…



Gave her a few wheatgrass to try out & she loves it!


So I added a small bunch of wheatgrass to her daily veggie serving.

She hasnt had wheatgrass before, so I had to start introducing it to her in small amounts & make sure she is ok w this new veg.


Yum yum. She loves it! And her tummy adjusted well to the new veg. =D



Grooming time!

Her owner requested for a bath.  And she was quite calm throughout.

Please note that rabbits generally do not need baths as they clean themselves very often (do read more about Bathing Rabbits here).

Here she is. Freshly showered & ready for blowdry.


While drying her with the towel, she buried her face against my arm and gave me a few licks. AWWW!


Trying to clean herself. Hehehe

And also, while standing or resting on the towel, her front splayed legs were kept in proper position at all times.  Worth noting & informed her owner to get a rug.


After 1hr of blowdry on the top side, it is time to dry her on the underneath. She never struggle even once.


Enjoying her spa…


One of the easiest bunnies to groom. She is not ticklish on any part of her body & nvr struggled. ♡


At the end of the boarding period, the owner kept me updated with the changes to her living conditions. So sweet of her!  I always love updates becuz I would miss the rabbits when they get home. =*)



They expanded with a playpen arnd her cage, gave her a mat to stand/rest & offered hay where she can eat more comfortably =)

Her owner is really such a sweet loving lady. I am always so relieved whenever I see owners who cares so much abt their pets.  It does tell a lot abt a person’s character. =)


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