Twinkle & Olla have a love-hate relationship

I was sitting in my bunny room, leaning against the wall.

Twinkle hopped over and laid in the small gap between the wall and my back.


About 5mins after, Olla hopped over to busybody. And she decided to squeeze in as well.


LOL! I feel so loved. And it is Valentines Day today!

The view on the other side.



Doesnt this deserve an AWWWW moment????

But it was almost immediately when senior Twinkle decided to get jealous, so he chased her away by biting her butt. And they both ran to the other corner of the room for 《Round 2 FIGHT》.

Olla, always forgiving & eager to please, she flattened her body to the floor as a sign of surrender… while Twinkle stood tall over her. Then he laid his head down, asking to be groomed. And Olla willingly licked his head.

And this was how peace was restored back into the Bunny Kingdom.


And they lived happily ever after.

For now.

The end.



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