And then an old lady saved the day

I was bidding my goodbyes when I witnessed a fire broke out at a baby shower.

2 grown men tried to put out the fire on the tablecloth that was set alight by the catering burner.

1 blew at it non-stop which fed oxgen to the fire & made it spread. 1 used another part of the tablecloth to try and smoother the fire & set fire to that part of the tablecloth. And then the first guy used a plastic plate to ‘slap’ the fire & set THAT plastic plate on fire.

And I was standing at the back… watching the people arnd me frantic around and ppl gasping… thinking “omg the fire grew… omg the tablecloth is on fire… omg now the plastic plate is on fire… omg the fire the spreading… omg it’s never going to be put out…”

And then an old lady walked over slowly & poured a cup of water on the fire…. and the fire went out.

The hero was a 60yr old woman.


Thanks for the last minute drama.

That made my day.



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