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DIY: Basic Powder Deodorant


There are a lot of DIY receipes online & they all claim to work. Well of course, they’ll say that, but we always wonder……. does it reallyyyyyy work?


Now sit back, relax & read on… becuz I have already put it to a REAL test.

For this, I hv prepared the following items:

1) 2 tbsp of pure baking soda
2) 1 tsp of 100% pure tea tree oil
3) a glass container

First, scoop the baking soda into the glass container.  Then add the tea tree oil.  Mix them together.  It will remain in powder form.

Whenever I need the help of deodorant to save my smelly armpits from embarassment, I just scoop out 1/3 teaspoon (depending how huge your armpits are, mine are tiny) of the powdered mixture. Mix it with water to form a slightly watery paste (if I were to be really precise, it would be just 4 drops of water). Then use a cotton pad to apply it to both my armpits. Air them a bit in front of a standing fan & I’m ready to go.

This takes less than 30secs.

I have been using this powdered mixture for a few months now. So I can tell you…



Even when I go to the gym with this deodorant, no smelly odor at the end of my gym session. In fact, not even a tiny bit stinky.

But of course, this doesn’t stop your armpits from sweating.  It just stops it from stinking.

The baking soda & tea tree oil will work hand in hand as an antibacterial deodorant that absorbs (some) sweat. But both may also cause irritation to people with sensitive skins, so do a patch test first.

This is definitely a cheaper alternative to natural deodorants like Nature’s Gate or Dr Organic. And a much safer deodorant compared to commerical deodorants that use too many chemicals in their ingredient lists.

Scare factor: As found across the internet, parabens are chemicals that affects estrogen.  And it is found to be involved in the development of breast cancer.

When I was still in my early 20s, I had undergone 2 separate surgeries to remove breast lumps. Did a lot of research online & read that it might be due to parabens. That really made me go out & search for natural products.

So people out there, it is never too late to make the switch to natural/organic skincare.

Some time in the near future, I might test out more receipes for DIY deodorants. Saw a cream version & stick version.

Till then.


Oh Twinkle, you little attention-craver you…

Every night, I will tidy up my Bunny Room & sit in their playpen to give them a massage or quick grooming.

And last night, while I was topping up their hay, Twinkle came over to place his head on top of my foot.


Well, actually he kind of gave it a little sniff to make sure it is my foot, then he placed his head in top of it. LOL I think my feet smells lovely.

So i gave him a head rub for a while.


Then I continue to top up their hay.

But Twinkle decided tat the head rub wasnt enough, so he hopped arnd me & then placed his head on my leg for more love.


Oh Twinkle…. you little attention craver you…. i love you so much. =)

I gave him more love then went back to top up hay.

And then….

Twinkle chose a spot on my right to snooze a little…

And soon after, Olla came over to sniff my butt (my butt smells lovely too).

Then she laid down on my left.

It looked like this…


I am definitely feeling the love tonight. LOL gave me warm fuzzy feelings… ♡

Heartwarming tale of a little lovebird & her human

A few days ago, a little lovebird decided to escape from her cage & fly out the window.

Her human was worried sick & sent out posters in search of her lovebird.


A bird in the big open sky. She could be anywhere. =(

2 yrs ago, the human saw a little yellow lovebird getting attacked by a pack of crows arnd East Coast Park & immediately went to save it from their cruel beaks. Since then, the lovebird has stayed w the human. It was well fed & very much loved.

But a few days ago, it has flew out into the open sky. The human was so worried abt its survival. After being kept indoors for 2 yrs, will it be able to find its own food? Will it again be bullied by evil crows?

Today, a woman called. She claimed that she saw the lovebird, but it flew high and away already. The human still decided to rush down immediately to the place where it was spotted… called out its name repeatedly & nvr once gave up hope.

A bird out in the world. Do u realize how slim the chances are of ever finding it again??? We are not talking about a dog… or a cat, but…



A true miracle has happened!

The little lovebird has returned to its human… perched on the warm & caring shoulders of its human… it is definitely glad to be home sweet home.

Animals all hv feelings & memories. They kw what is love and who loves them. They do recognize u, just like how we recognize our loved ones & friends.

Never abandon ur pets. And even if u do not have pets, please dont abuse these innocent lives.

I am so happy my friend found her pet bird today. This makes me wanna go hug all my rabbits & tell them that I love them. Forever and ever! ♡