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Happy Birthday, Twinkle!


It is my birthday again.

I have been cranky the past few days becuz I thot nobody would remember my birthday. I scratched her marble floor relentlessly… nipped at all my friends… laid down alone in my tunnel… I didnt even run to her anymore when she called my name.

But then today, she groomed me for more than an hour in the afternoon. I felt so clean & comfy now! The weather has been a b♡♡♡h lately, so maybe that contributed to my cranky mood.

Then as per usual, she gave me a delicious Oxbow papaya tablet after the grooming session. I LOVE PAPAYA TABLETS! Whenever I hear the sweet sound of tablets rattling in the bottle, I get so excited & start running arnd crazily in my 8pc playpen. And then the rest get excited too, so I always charge & nip at their fur… I hate it when they try & steal the limelight from my human.

Right after grooming, the weather suddenly turned cooler & then it rained. Ahhh~~~~ bliss. Even the weather is on my side.

But wait! When she returned me back to my playpen, she gave me ANOTHER papaya tablet!!!!! Ohh boy oh boy… this is truely a happy birthday to me!

Now my mood is all better. =D To think I thot that she has loved me less after the other 3 joined our family. First, it was Flappy abt 2 years ago (but I dont really mind him becuz I like him most). Then Olla & Rocky joined in Feb this year, both whom I only like when they groom my royal head or when they r not moving around so often… I dont get why they are so fidgety all the time when it’s bedtime.

Another birthday… another year older… she always wishes for a healthy happy life for me. Well… sometimes I tell her in rabbit language that i love her and i want her to be happy too.

It is 9:30pm now… almost time for my alfafa & oat wheat barley hay mix!